The Distribution Challenge by Foundation Marketing

The Distribution Challenge

A 2-week challenge designed to help creators and marketers get more reach and more results from the content you've already created.

What Do You Do After Pressing Publish?

Plain and simple... Content distribution. 

Most content creators haven't heard, but content distribution has taken over the crown in the marketing mix. 👑
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When you hit publish on a new piece of content, are you sure it’s being seen by the right audience?

... or at all?

  • It's why most blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos and social posts are met with crickets.
  • It's why most content creators have a hard time hitting 1,000 followers, subscribers, listeners or readers.
  • It's why most creators struggle to reach anyone beyond their close friends and contacts.

By using a proper content distribution strategy, you can get your content to every corner of the digital universe, and then some.

The algorithms have met their match. Here's a content distribution system that will work wonders for content creators.

For the first time ever, take part in a 12-day challenge delivered by video that walks you through the content distribution process I've used to reach thousands—scratch that—millions of people.

It's the playbook I used to spread a blog post targeted at SaaS founders, which caught the attention of thousands across the industry in just a few days… 
It's how this YouTube video that targeted B2B marketers generated thousands of views, hundreds of new subscribers and real qualified business leads.

This challenge will walk you through the strategies and tactics that will help you build your audience and reach more people around the world.

My name is Ross Simmonds and over the last four years, I've used this playbook to reach more people than the total population of New Zealand (that's 4.8 million people, by the way) for both my own brands and our agency's clients. 

  • I've used it to spread videos. 
  • I've used it to spread podcasts. 
  • I've used it to spread blog posts.
  • I've used it to spread white papers. 
  • I've used it to spread presentations. 

And today, I want to share with you exactly how I do it through what I'm calling...

The Distribution Challenge

A 12-day challenge designed to help creators and marketers get more reach and more results from the content collecting dust on your website.

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What is The Distribution Challenge?

This challenge will introduce you to the art of content distribution.

For 12 days, you'll receive a collection of emails, videos, templates and workbooks with specific tactics you can use to spread your content.

If you already have blog posts, videos, podcasts and lead magnets sitting around collecting dust, this challenge will give you the blueprint you need to grow your audience, your brand, and your traffic numbers.

I’ll break down the strategies and techniques you can use to reach people on all kinds of platforms, from Twitter and LinkedIn to Medium and online communities like Reddit. The Distribution Challenge will also help you get over the roadblocks that are keeping your content from succeeding.

Meet Your Instructor

Ross Simmonds 🚀
Founder, CEO of Foundation Marketing

Ross is the founder of Foundation Marketing — a content marketing agency that combines data and creativity to develop & serve ambitious B2B brands.

Over the years, Ross has been featured in publications like Forbes, Venture Beat, Huffington Post, Mashable, BET, CBC & more. He's also rocked the mic at global conferences and events like MozCon, SearchLove, LearnInbound Webbdagarna, CTAConf and more. 🎤

"Ross knows content marketing inside out, but if there's one thing he's the best in the world at... it's content distribution..."

“Ross knows content marketing inside out, but if there's one thing he's the best in the world at... it's content distribution. He just knows how to get the most out of one single piece of content than anyone else I've ever worked with.”
Louis Grenier, Hotjar

Here’s the thing:

Google has changed the way we find content. Facebook has changed its algorithm. LinkedIn is changing weekly. And because of this, most content creators are struggling to get more eyeballs on their content.

It's not because the content isn't good.

Your content may be immaculate, but it's noisy out there. Content can get lost in the sea of endless notifications. 

And it's not just another blog post or LinkedIn status update you're battling—it's Facebook notifications, emails, tweets, blog posts, all the dings and the tiny red dots that storm your target audience. 

Content is getting lost because there is more competition than ever before. Because there's more noise than ever before. And because most creators don't understand how content distribution can be used to drive results for their brand.

It's time to get REAL about content distribution...

This isn't enough:

“I am distributing content! I share it on Twitter, LinkedIn and my email list...”

I hear you—you've written the blog posts, shared them on your social channels, sent them to your email list. But the results are still mediocre… 

I was there once too. Early on, I pressed publish on a blog post and it got two likes: one from a guy in California named Matt, and one from my mom… It sucked. But it opened my eyes to the importance of not calling it quits after pressing publish. In fact, it showed me that when you press publish on a piece of content, that's really just the beginning. 

Content distribution efforts at work

To drive traffic to the Foundation site and grow the audience on social media, I used the exact same distribution plan that is going to be shared inside The Distribution Challenge. 

The results?

  • Made the front page of Reddit 7x
  • 1M+ visitors via social and referral traffic
  • 1.5M+ views on SlideShare
  • 450,000+ views on Medium
  • More than 500,000 impressions on Twitter and 40,000 views a month on LinkedIn

In this challenge, I'm going to share the framework that'll ensure you're never met with crickets after publishing again.

Instead, you’ll be able to reach new audiences, grow your brand and establish greater authority in your niche at scale—all without needing to create 100's of new blog posts, videos and content assets.
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The Distribution Challenge will also help you overcome the roadblocks keeping your content from succeeding...

Roadblocks like...

  • You don’t know how to share
  • Starting from scratch seems too inefficient
  • Your content is blending in with all the noise
  • You’re afraid of being too promotional
  • You can’t keep up with algorithms that are constantly changing

...and we’ll cover it all in 12 days.

What can you expect to find inside The Distribution Challenge?

Breaking down the mindsets behind why we do & don't share content (free & available to watch now)

INTRO VIDEO 1: How to overcome the mental roadblocks holding you back 💡 (Available Today)
Our brains love to play tricks on us. It's very possible that your brain is playing tricks on you that are holding you and your content back. Let's address those tricks and remove them.
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Before we talk strategies & tactics, we need to talk about the *why* to set you up for success.

INTRO VIDEO 2: The factors that *actually* drive people to share content 🔗 (Available Today)
Why are certain types of content or certain topics shared more often than others, and how can you increase your chances of creating something truly share-worthy? Let's break down the factors that influence sharing.

INTRO VIDEO 3: How to find great pillar content ideas (with distribution in mind) 🧐
(Available Today)
Great distribution can be the difference between content that completely flops and content that takes off. But before we jump into specifics distribution tactics, let's first talk about how you should be thinking about distribution before you even hit publish.

The complete 12-day schedule to help you start making the right distribution plays:

DAY 1: How Much Content Do You Need To Start?(Available Today)
You might be wondering, “How much content do I REALLY need to start establishing authority on a topic and building my audience?” Well, I'm going to tell you—and you will be pleasantly surprised by how little content you really need to get started.

DAY 2: The Basic Promotion Plan Anyone Can Use ✅
And by anyone, I mean anyone. This promotion plan is applicable to every person, organization, and industry. So I'm going to address how anyone can and why promotion plans are an important start of developing your content distribution. 

DAY 3: Getting Started With Your Current Connections 👋
As a creator, you’re probably active on social media. Think about your LinkedIn network or your Twitter followers—I’m guessing you have quite a few. Let's talk about how you can use these folks to spread your message.

DAY 4: How To Use Your Circle More Effectively ⭕️
It's called a circle for a reason: There’s no hierarchy, and you can use your immediate or larger connections to tap into lots of different opportunities. I'll be sharing how I started out using this tactic and continue to use it today.

DAY 5: Introducing The 7 Days Of Social Distribution 📈
In this challenge, we're diving deep into multiple different social channels you can use to promote your content consistently. On this day, I'm going to be setting the table for 7 straight days of social media walkthrough.

DAY 6: How To Get The Most Out Of Twitter 🐦
Twitter holds so many opportunities for content distribution, which is why I use it basically every day. In this section we're going to break down the techniques I use to reach hundreds of thousands of people every month. 

DAY 7: How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook 📱
Facebook is more than photos of your aunt’s cat or your friend’s bachelorette party. It is the largest social media platform with 1.69 billion users. BILLION. This platform can be used in a multitude of ways to grow your audience.

DAY 8: How To Get The Most Out Of Instagram 📸
Since Instagram changed their algorithm, it’s even harder to get your content in front of a large audience. But there are still distribution techniques that will ensure your content reaches the right people. 

DAY 9: How To Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn 🤝
The OG business social media platform. A lot of other social media platforms that were designed for personal interactions are integrating business features. But LinkedIn still reigns supreme as the best business platform—especially for content distribution in B2B. 

DAY 10: How To Get The Most Out Of Medium 📝
Medium is the go-to platform for social journalism, and you might think of it as a blog host. But after this challenge you'll realize that Medium offers so much more than meets the eye…. 

DAY 11: How To Get The Most Out Of Reddit 🤖
Ah, Reddit—the site that most marketers are afraid to leverage. I cracked the Reddit code five years ago… and it still works. Let's dive into how you can use Reddit for your own brand. 

DAY 12: Creating Your Own Distribution Process ⭐️
So how can you tie together everything you've learned throughout this challenge into a document, repeatable process you (or your team) can use to distribute your content every single time? That's the goal here.

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How long will I have access to the material for?

You'll get lifetime access to everything currently included in The Distribution Challenge, and anything new that's added in the future

How does the 12-day aspect of the challenge actually work?

When you sign up, you'll get instant access to all 3 intro videos and Day 1 of the challenge. For the next 12 days after you join the challenge, you'll get an email letting you know when the next section is available (usually midnight ET) to jump into.

Why can't I just get instant access to all of the videos?

The Distribution Challenge is designed to guide you step-by-step through the process of distributing a content asset you already have on hand. Each day, you'll have an "assignment" to complete based on the topic of that day. The reason we're not opening the floodgates from day 1 is to help you invest enough time each day into learning and executing on a specific tactic.

How do I get in touch if I have questions or technical issues?

You can send a message through the chatbot in the bottom right corner of the screen—these are sent directly to our team's inbox. If the chatbot isn't available on your screen, you can also send an email to and we'll get back to you ASAP.
Disclaimer: If you're not willing to put in the work to get the ROI, now is not the time to join The Distribution Challenge. I'm not promising you results, but I do feel confident that anyone who takes action based on the strategies and tactics shared here will see more reach, more visitors and more results.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential to help buyers, their businesses and/or their clients. The materials in this challenge may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the understood meaning as of the current year.

Refunds are NOT available. You can't get a cab to drive you from point A to point B then request a refund—in the same way, you can't download the videos and training materials included here, then ask for a refund.